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Nestle Nestle Standard Size Variety Pack Assorted 6 Varieties 264g Ref 12297992

Nestle Standard Size Variety Pack Assorted 6 Varieties 264g Ref 12297992

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  • Each multipack contains A tube of MUNCHIES® sweets. MUNCHIES® are a delicious milk chocolate cube encasing a soft caramel & crunchy biscuit centre. A tube of ROLO® sweets. ROLO® sweets are a simply delicious combination of sweet, buttery, smooth, soft golden toffee encased in a milk chocolate cup. A TOFFEE CRISP® bar. Each TOFFEE CRISP® bar is a combination of delicious soft caramel & crispy cereal pieces, all encased in smooth milk chocolate, its the crispy crunch, chewy munch that you simply cant resist! A YORKIE® Original bar. Each YORKIE® Original bar contains five solid chunks of smooth, milk chocolate. A KitKat® chunky bar. KitKat® chunky is a delicious chocolate bar, comprising a crispy wafer covered with a tasty layer of milk chocolate. An AERO® peppermint chocolate bar. AERO® Peppermint is an uplifting, bubbly chocolate bar which combines refreshing peppermint-flavoured bubbles and smooth milk chocolate.
  • A multipack containing a variety of everybodys favourite Nestlé chocolate brands
  • No artificial colours, flavours & preservatives
  • Enjoying chocolate as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, is one of lifes little pleasures
  • Supporting farmers for better chocolate. Working with UTZ to support cocoa farmers. Find out more at www.Nestlé
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Nestlé Variety Pack 264g
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